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FEBRUARY 21-22, 2020


The Texas Healthcare Challenge (TXHCC)

Highlights from our first Texas Healthcare Challenge, launched in February 2019.  Video provided by our sponsor, Spectrum Reach.

Highlights from our 2nd TXHCC Hackathon provided by our sponsor, Southwestern Medical Foundation:

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Who's Invited?

What is the "Texas Healthcare Challenge"?

Who's Invited?

Female leaders, students, entrepreneurs, nurses, faculty, scientists, doctors, patients, engineers, developers, graphic designers, insurance specialists, policymakers, corporate managers, and just about anyone else!

See below for a Photo Gallery from our inaugural event in February 2019!


Why Now?

What is the "Texas Healthcare Challenge"?

Who's Invited?

As we've seen with our first 2 Texas Healthcare Challenges in 2019, these events are a fantastic way to engage the community and develop some brilliant solutions for some of the biggest pain points in the healthcare and life sciences industries. With the help of the US Small Business Administration, we are bringing WISH to North TX as a means to foster innovation and empower future female leaders.

In 2018, we saw a 2012 MIT healthcare hackathon graduate, PillPack, get purchased by Amazon for $1 Billion.


What is the "Texas Healthcare Challenge"?

What is the "Texas Healthcare Challenge"?

What is the "Texas Healthcare Challenge"?

TXHCC is a series of healthcare hackathons designed to bring together a diverse group of people with various backgrounds and professions to come up with big solutions to big problems. This event employs a creative method that allows teams to create and assess actionable business models within a 2-day span.

The scale of this type of event for healthcare innovation is new to our region and there's no one better than Health Wildcatters to make it happen and to draw the biggest and best crowd!

What to Expect

TXHCC Hackathons are weekend-long events that bring professionals and students alike together to tackle some of the healthcare industry's biggest pain points.

Friday night starts with "problem pitching", where participants choose to either pitch a problem and form a team, or listen to the pitches and join a team.  The night kicks off the weekend and is all about team formation.  Here is an example of a past TXHCC participant's pitch:

"Patients don’t know about clinical trials, and clinical trials don’t know about patients. Help me solve this problem!"

Saturday morning kicks off with breakfast and jumps right into team hacking.  You and your team will work on creating a viable solution to your chosen problem, identify if there is actually a market for your idea, develop a functional business model, address key risks, and maybe even develop a prototype!  Don't worry if you don't have experience, as there will be expert mentors ready to help you tackle any obstacle (think hospital CFO's, successful serial entrepreneurs, business development professionals, and more).  In addition, we will host keynote speakers (TBA) during lunch.

Saturday evening concludes with each team presenting a short powerpoint to pitch your newly developed solution.  Judges will score each team with big cash and in-kind prizes awarded to winning teams.  The night ends with a party to celebrate everyone's hard work! 

Examples of past TXHCC problem themes:

  • AI in Healthcare
  • AR/VR & Rehab
  • Clinical Innovations
  • Cost Reduction / Price Transparency
  • Digital Health / Mobile Health / Consumer Health
  • Future of Health Insurance
  • Improving Access to Care
  • Mental Health / Brain Health
  • Internet of Things / Wearables

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Texas Healthcare Challenge Photo Recap from Feb 2019

Check out the facebook album below for photos on the 2019 Texas Healthcare Challenge presented by Spectrum Reach! 

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